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Problem Based Learning

Based on the conducted consumer research and years of experience in teaching adults, we have created a method and guidelines for "immersion" in the language, based on linguistic affirmation. It consists in "implanting" certain habits in your own subconscious and looking for practical aspects of using language at every stage of our day at work and outside.

Main assumptions of learning with the Problem Based Learning method

Self Directional

PBL promotes the skills of managing oneself and the resources that students possess. Examples are planning, reflection, reasoning and information management.


PBL stimulates students to co-create knowledge and create ways of understanding it, and to share knowledge and experiences.


PBL is a student-centered teaching method in which he creates his own knowledge and links between it. The tutor acts as a guide here, which allows you to record the course of the route.


PBL uses the problems encountered on a daily basis. Hence, teaching materials are more useful and it is more important to base them on a living example from the private / professional area.

How does it work in our school?


Distribution of materials

Educational materials in the form of a case study, grammar issue, audio-video material are sent to the listener.


Getting to know knowledge

The listener becomes familiar with the materials before the class in order to adapt.


Assumptions analysis

Validation of the case study, educational material, looking for connections and drawing conclusions and questions.


Summary, feedback

Summary of the topic and its analysis, outlining the final conclusions and the most important aspects, verification of the verbal and written aspect.


Knowledge revision

Discussion systematizing knowledge, using previously realized issues. Practical checking exercises from previous lessons


Individual learning

Getting to know the details of knowledge and explanations provided by the teacher, deepening the understanding in the language area.


Our clients appreciate the effectiveness of the PBL method