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Our Courses


  • You will learn how to construct official letters.
  • You will be able to make a spontaneous Small Talk.
  • You will understand the content of an industry article or podcast.


  • You can easily carry out corporate tasks that require English.
  • You will efficiently arrange your communication to the discussion group and argue your position.
  • You will effectively analyze the text, report, case study and draw conclusions.
  • You will acquire knowledge of International Business English.


  • Combines the GENERAL and BUSINESS Track values.
  • You will cover topics from the borderline of international business nomenclature and general topics.
  • You will learn how to conduct a tele / video conference in a formal way.


  • You will professionally conduct presentations by the Management Board.
  • You will moderate the discussion on topics related to the company's areas of operation.
  • You will be able to critically analyze the issues of the current topic.
  • In group situations, you will respond to messages in an understandable and clear way.

Does your company work with international partners on a daily basis or would you like to internationalize your activities?

Foreign people have joined the company and efficient communication in the team is required?

It is necessary to improve presentation skills and naturalness of expression in presenting the results of work and presenting reports?

Does your company explore the issues of important substantive issues where full transparency is needed?

The team of supervisors is English-speaking and your company needs a more effective flow of information?

Do you want to improve the perception of your company by foreign clients?

Do you want to raise qualifications among employees or provide them with an employee benefit as a thank you for the work performed?

We know how to help you!

We implement language teaching projects in cooperation with employees of national and international companies. We advise, verify and adapt to customer needs. We implement both long-term curricula and non-standard projects that solve specific customer problems, and the subject matter corresponds to internal current issues.

There are no problematic issues with us, there are only things to be dealt with.

We invite you to talk to personalize the course!


  • You will strengthen your naturalness of expression.
  • You will learn to describe your experiences or intentions in a clear and understandable way.
  • You will be able to start a conversation with the Native Speaker.
  • You can easily construct any correspondence.


  • You will increase your self-confidence in professional contacts.
  • You will conduct a business meeting yourself.
  • You will learn to react in a professional manner.
  • You will learn about Business English.


  • Combines the GENERAL and BUSINESS Track values.
  • You will cover topics from the border of business and general nomenclature.
  • You will learn how to present and argue your postulates.
  • You will learn how to make a tele / video call.


  • You will understand messages from radio / TV / Internet.
  • You will fully understand dialogues in movies or videos.
  • You will be natural and spontaneous in speaking.
  • You will speak with native speakers in a confident manner.

The offer is aimed directly at individuals and companies. By implementing courses tailored directly to the client's needs, we deal with comprehensive language preparation of participants. We provide the tools you need to work and live in a full English-speaking environment. The program ranges from learning "Small Talks", through preparation of current formal / informal correspondence, ending with preparation for business negotiations or product presentations.


  • Breaking communication barriers, working on self-confidence and openness to language.
  • A specialist course in "Business communication" (el. Negotiation, fact analysis, inference, critical thinking and formal communication).
  • Business dialogues and phrasebooks in English.
  • Preparing for a job interview, constructing a CV, writing cover letters.
  • Preparing people to work and live abroad.
  • Preparation for university exams.
  • Learning from scratch (A1-B1) and general advanced courses (B2-C2) for teenagers and adults.


  • You will explain effectively legal issues.
  • You will verify the grammatical correctness of the contract entries.
  • You will be able to express your position effectively and persuasively.
  • You will be able to analyze industry texts, records, legal articles.

The "Legal English" course is aimed at individuals, employees and management of various companies in the legal sector who need to know specialist English. The thematic scope of the course includes, among others: terminology of international, commercial, economic and financial law, directives and regulations, preparation of bilingual contracts, verification of the lexical correctness of legal documents and the terminology of the functioning of the European Union. In addition, we offer editing legal texts, consultation of documents and work with the Polish constitution.

An integral part of the course is:

  • practicing comprehension skills in formal communication and quick response,
  • working with the language of facts, analysis of sample contracts / legal provisions,
  • analysis of case studies and expanding legal knowledge through discussions and debates based on current, authentic documents, studies, industry articles, codes,
  • using stimulating games to exercise the skills of negotiating and working with the client.

Learning and implementing a course personalized directly to your needs or the needs of your law firm will allow you to have a tool that will allow you to efficiently explain the current case and understand the expectations and uncertainties of the client. In addition, it will allow e.g. to prepare a bilingual contract and verify the lexical correctness of legal documents.
It is generally known that the law is an area in which transparency and correct, but firm communication of messages is very important for the success of your cases. Therefore, by learning with us, we want to enable you to transfer your extensive substantive knowledge in the field of law also in English as quickly as possible and in the most productive way, while maintaining the aforementioned transparency and self-confidence.

How to enroll in a course

Leave us your contact details, we will contact you within 24 hours

We will conduct a short interview to learn about your needs and determine your language level

You will receive a personalized individual or group course offer